"I met Etus through a mutual friend. I think the success of these kinds of support talks depend a lot on the quality of questions asked. During our meetings the environment always felt safe and accepting, our communication was always open, free of judgement. During these sessions the right questions can help a lot and I believe Etus knows how to ask them. Thanks to this I could find answers and solutions to multiple problems that I was struggling with earlier. I recommend her happily to my friends who are considering seeking help."
"Etus speaks my language, her insights are very relevant, honest and to the point. Of course to achieve that she questions me thoroughly and lets me speak. It is easy to open up to her even about the deepest topics. One by one the great insights come, which provides great emotional relief and effective support when you're stuck."
"Etus is really professional in self-awareness methods. She always knows what I need to progress with my goals, through any kind of problems. Her methods are very efficient. If you are ready to face the real-yourself, she is the perfect choice."
"She is authentic, kind and has many accomplishments. What I really like about her, that she always finds the right approach to help me solve my current difficulties. She is usually very patient, but can be quite strict if that is what I need to achieve my goal. She proved to me several times over the years that her methods are truly working, but also she continuously deepens her knowledge and extends her toolbox. I recommend Etus from the bottom of my heart!"
"What I really like about working with Etelka is that she always asks the questions that are most perplexingly effective in shedding light on the underlying causes of a given issue. Of course I am still the one giving the answers, but that's exactly why Etelka's work is so valuable, because she doesn't put ready-made answers and standard solutions in front of me, but teaches me to grow by myself. I've mainly been looking for help with relationship issues, but she was also great at helping me with job choices!"
“I first met Etus a few years ago. And the first impression of her is that of warmth and friendliness. When I talk to her, I really respect her. She is a great psychology coach. She seemed to see through to the deepest part of my heart, to my problem that sometimes I can't even name it. Last year, when the Covid situation broke out, it changed my life and business a lot. Continuity of difficulties and challenges lie ahead. Even myself lost my way. I decided to meet Etus and book a consultation with her. With special methods, she helps me understand myself better. To understand what my shortcomings are. What strengths should be promoted, and what weaknesses should be complemented. Regarding the business, she helped me with a very specific method to achieve the goal I planned. And what is a step-by-step method to achieve that goal. But the most important, and most wonderful thing is when I understand myself , understand my inner self clearly. With this power, I myself can choose to be happy and find the strength to do what I want.”
„Working on yourself with Etus is like gaining insight into areas you would never venture into on your own, because you think you lack clarity, courage or discrimination. Etus takes all these qualities and offers them to you on a silver platter - for your own benefit to have access to them and use them further on. And - the key aspect I haven't yet mentioned - the love and acceptance I get from her. Behind the razor-sharp clarity, which sometimes provokes painful and even angry opposition from me (because I really don't want to know about it) an emphatic, warm heart beats, who tailors the tools not for her own benefit, but considering my happiness. Stopping where there’s a need to rest, leaving space where it is longed for and giving clarity to what is worth evolving and expanding. If you have the courage to leave the familiar hardness for the extraordinary easy, then you shall seek her company! ”
"I've known Etus for more than 10 years. She inspired me to start working on myself, to keep changing. She still helps me walk my spiritual path. Since she has taken theta-healing courses, her previous coaching toolbox got extended well beyond; since then she can help even more for the brave who are ready to confront their long buried traumas, sufferings."
"Whatever consultation I've been doing with Etus, it has never been what I expected. 😀 It was always so much more and better. 😊Although I usually find it difficult to talk about my feelings, I was able to open up to Etus easily: from the first minute I felt safe with her and with her help I was able to face my main fears and blocks. It was not always easy, but I managed to get closer to myself, and achieve a deeper understanding and experience of what was happening to me. I feel very lucky to have met Etus and I am grateful for the journey we have walked together so far!"
“The extraordinary ability of Etus is to apply and convey the vast body of knowledge of ancient Eastern systems towards me (as a wayfarer who is usually thoroughly entangled in my own beliefs and anxieties :)) so that I can interpret it meaningfully for my own situation and start on a concrete, practical level towards dissolution. In the past, I have found in many cases that there is an otherwise clear (or even self-explanatory) theory or general teaching – but in the case of a specific problem, it still remains unclear to me what to do, specifically and on a practical level: somehow most systems “get stuck” there, and in the end I can barely make any substantive changes. Etus, on the other hand, gives you as much understanding and as many details about a problem or a matter of life, as I can handle, and that just helps me get over the current jam. She not just "feels the solution", but at any moment she's able to accurately explain the so-called “logical background” of the given situation – I mean how the solution or method she suggests derives from any system she applies. It’s a huge security for me because at the same time I feel like I not only feel it, but I really understand the situation in which she helps. Of course, this is not surprising: in our many years of friendship, I have seen that each system she dives into, she can synchronize it with others so that their areas reinforce and support each other – so she does not use separate tools in parallel, but can combine them, either it's the Bazi Destiny Analysis, Theta Healing, the Five Elements or Qi Men Dun Jia methods, Taoist teachings, or just the use of essential oils, herbs, and other minerals."