Methods used during consultations

The strength of this method lies in decision making and forecasting, just as it can show what unique talents, or as I call them superpowers we all intrinsically have and unfolding, expanding and living by these abilities can bring us true happiness.

Supports us in uncovering and changing our most limiting beliefs, sheds light on how our emotional imprints restrict us in living our best possibilities and impair our creation power.

Helps in understanding who we are, what skills and talents we were born with, and how we can expand in and capitalize on those gifts of ours, besides it can be used to analyze a specific area of our lives like relationships, work and career, family, etc.

Assists us in developing and maintaining a mindful way of living, shows you the way to realign ourselves with the flow (synchronicity with the universe), helps us rediscover harmony by finding our personal balance.

Qi Men Dun Jia 奇門遁甲

What is Qi Men Dun Jia?

Qi Men Dun Jia is an ancient system that dates back at least 3000 years (but some sources say more than 5000) and is well known for its use in military strategy with the primary function of predicting and determining tactical movements. It is based on the trinity of Heaven, Earth, Man and a fourth energy: the Universe, and the location and interaction of these elements can give an accurate picture of the forces present on all four levels and highlight their ‘for’ or ‘against’ us nature, obviously interpreted only good and bad in terms of our goals. Since the trinity of Heaven, Earth, Man can be translated into human level and relations as well, if this is the direction of our investigation, we can also get guidance for handling the emotional, mental or action level. 

In terms of its use, the year, month, day and hour charts are also included in the system, as well as the birth chart, but of course these are applied in different circumstances.

How can it support you?

Most of us as inhabitants of the modern age, fortunately don’t have to fight wars any more, so for us the benefits of doing the right things at the right time would be considered of greater importance. Thus, using Qi Men as a forecasting tool, it can provide a major support in decision making, since it is able to pinpoint what are the right choices for us at a given moment in time related to a particular goal or question.

There is, however, another area that is less often highlighted, but for me a more essential one: because Qi Men Dun Jia is able to show what our highest vibrational potentials are, or as I call them our superpowers. For every human being has a gift which with conscious effort can be unraveled and fulfilled to achieve an outstanding life or results. Of course, these superpowers come in different areas, some people have a talent in connecting to people, while others can use their abilities primarily in the material field. In any case, my experience is that regardless of the nature of our superpower, simply being aware of what we are outstanding at and building our lives around it gives us a sense of deep, limitless satisfaction and confidence.


What is ThetaHealing?

The technique of ThetaHealing derives from Vianna Stibal originating from the 1990s, but has gained outstanding popularity lately and it is practiced worldwide. Primarily it is considered to be a meditation and spiritual philosophy, however the method is based on mapping and understanding how we create and reinforce our everyday reality deeply grounded in our beliefs. Moreover it can help to align the creation process with our goals and desired states. 

How can it support you?

Each of us has a set of emotional imprints which essentially defines who we believe we are, what we can experience or manifest in this reality. The majority of these belief systems might have been imprinted on us by very simple events, though they still pose a significant, restrictive effect on our everyday lives. However we rarely notice that we are functioning this way, because most of what we currently believe about ourselves has such a long history that we consider them as unforfeitable part of us now. ThetaHealing is a very efficient method in finding these imprinted beliefs and successfully changing them with an immediate effect.

Bazi Destiny Analysis 八字

What is Bazi Destiny Analysis?

The Bazi Destiny Analysis is a thousands of years old experience based system mostly referred to as “Chinese astrology”. Its backbone is the Five Elements system, the interrelatedness, generating and regulating cycles of the Elements represented by the so-called birth chart determined by the individual’s (exact) moment of birth. It also takes into account the cyclical forces that act on our lives, obviously considering them depending on the effect they pose on the individual’s birth chart when overlapped. 

It is important to note, that although we are talking about destiny here, it is definitely not a predestination, since we are actively involved in shaping our own destiny through the choices we either consciously or instinctively make. Therefore we can rather acknowledge Bazi as a kind of blueprint or guideline to which, in the absence of a mindful lifestyle, our actions automatically will fall back to. 

As a starting point, the exact date of birth is used to create an individual chart which is based on the four pillars, as it is referred to by the name of the system: year, month, day and hour. Each pillar basically consists of two parts, there is a pure, so-called Heaven quality, which is one of the Five Elements (taking into account its Yin or Yang side, so for example Yin Fire). And then there is an Earth quality, which usually carries the complex effect of several elements, for easier understanding these are labelled with animals (for example last year was the year of the Pig , which carries Yang Wood and Yang Water). 

Then by analysing the interactions of the elements and animals individual characteristics, talents and potentials can be identified, as well as expected difficulties, problematic areas or areas of life that require awareness and attention. This can be further elaborated by the energies of different seasons, for example, each year carries a different energy, which again, when overlapped with the personal chart can help to identify priorities and themes for that specific season.

How can it support you?

Similar to the Five Elements Way of Living, Bazi Destiny Analysis supports us to have a better understanding of ourselves, to map our behaviour, and gain invaluable insight both into our relationship with ourselves and the world. These can be explored in general, understanding our core drivers and motivations, discovering our treasures and gaining awareness of areas for improvement. Or we can highlight a specific issue (relationship, work, life goals, etc.), where we can investigate our key attitudes and tendencies, or we can delve into our patterns and difficulties or possibilities and potentials related to a particular situation.

Five Elements Way of Living 五行

What is Five Elements Way of Living?

The Five Elements (which are only referred as Elements for simplicity, yet they are not static in nature at all, and are more close to vibrations) are a complex system that permeates all aspects of life, however from a cosmological point of view, the Five Elements are one level of creation itself, and as such they can be seen as means through how everything is expressed in the world: objects, living things, emotions, weather, … 

In fact, it makes more sense to think of the Five Elements as different qualities and states of one energy, so their interdependence is easy to understand, after all they cannot be understood as isolated, stand alone entities – but only in relation to each other. Its most obvious manifestation for us is represented in the diversity of the seasons, as Spring (Wood Element) is followed by Summer (Fire Element), then late summer more referred to as indian summer (Earth Element) before Autumn (Metal Element) arrives and finally Winter (Water Element). This cycle is the generating or nurturing cycle of the Elements, but of course there is a regulating relationship and also some other, more complex interactions between them. 

On individual level this translates to a birth-time based, personal chart that contains our most basic tendencies. How we live our lives, the environment in which we spend a significant part of our time, the people we are surrounded by and the activities we engage in will naturally have an effect on this, strengthening it or even changing it entirely. At the same time, the personal chart can provide us guidance in the typical areas and attitudes where the flow of energy can easily get stuck, in which case there is a good chance that we will experience the obstruction as a problem. Moreover it also shows us in a very practical way what our possibilities are for eliminating these blockages and how to handle successfully the most difficult areas of our lives.

How can it support you?

Since one of the most essential principle of the the Five Elements system is the flow, which means in a practical level that we are in harmony when our energy is moving effortlessly and without obstruction, Five Elements Way of Living can support us in being able to see how we are behaving at the moment, where our typical  blocking points are and helps us to develop and maintain awareness in our everyday life, depending of course on our goals. In practical terms, it consists of three simple steps: first, we need to know who we are, what our key talents and qualities are. Then it continues in establishing harmony with ourselves, aka how to be aligned with ourselves and be authentic, which means being happy and content at home alone, not affected by any environmental influences. The final step is harmony with the world for those of us who have goals and inclinations toward the more open space of the whole world. While I would not suggest that this should be the priority of the steps in all cases because it highly depends on one’s personal preferences, it is certain that if the basics are not true and stable, aka I do not know who I am, it may be difficult to achieve the other two levels that follow.