What are you looking for right now?

This opportunity is for those who want to understand who they are, what their strengths and weaknesses are,  what are the default guidelines they are following, and how they can unleash their full potential and balance areas of disharmony.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who feel that they are currently going round in circles considering a particular area, are stuck in a situation and looking for a practical and forward-looking solution to resolve it.

Fortunately, our lives are not just about solving problems, we often set goals, want to create but run into obstacles while trying. This opportunity provides effective guidance and practical help to support your manifestation.

The harmony of our relationships has a profound impact on our everyday lives, so it’s important to balance and cultivate them for our peace of mind and fulfilment. This opportunity is for those who deeply care about relationships and intend to work on them.

Understanding Myself

Understanding ourselves is obviously a lifelong task, but when we start on our path of awareness it can be very helpful to have at least the guidelines, a kind of manual to ourselves. Of course, neither ourselves nor our destiny is set in stone, but we can gain valuable insight into what is the basic function to which we involuntarily return again and again if it is not overwritten deliberately. And if we are not satisfied with our behaviour, it can point the way to how it would be advisable for us to change to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Naturally, this insight can be an invaluable help not only at the beginning of our journey, because there are moments in all of our lives where such a wise insight into ourselves can easily become the key to moving forward. It can provide us with the missing information, or simply highlights some previously unknown connections that make it clear what should be our next step.

The systems I use can help you gain insight into your strengths and superpower, a special ability that can help you achieve really meaningful things 🙂 But beware, by definition talents are nothing more than gifts, real results are reached by developing, unleashing and showcasing them to the world. 

On the flipside, you can also get insights into the areas of obstacles, i.e. where things typically and mostly go wrong. The difficulty is that we often experience them as personal failures, when what they truly are is just a disharmonic aspect of our default  functioning, which can often be easily remedied with conscious, mindful work and changes in the right directions.

Problem Solving

Problems will always arise in our lives, but there are some that seem really complicated to escape from and sometimes, even though we have worked quite hard on something, yet still feeling like we are stuck in the same place, going round and round in circles and still can’t find a reassuring solution. 

There can be several reasons why we would feel this way, one of the most common is that we simply can’t see or don’t fully appreciate the journey we have completed and the results we have achieved, mainly because we have grave beliefs of where we should be at this very moment already and compared to that what we have achieved would be obviously very disappointing.

Another typical explanation could be that in the absence of sufficient insight and information we do not address the actual root cause, in this case even with a relatively high effort only a partial solution, a small improvement can be achieved. However, if we can get to the root of the problem and work from there, we can be sure that our efforts will pay off and the results will be pretty real.

Finally there may be one more significant reason for perceiving the work we invested in as useless, namely that the approach or methods used are inappropriate and again we reach to the conclusion that even with relatively high investment little or no results are achieved. In such cases our approach to the problem is worth adjusting using a more appropriate mindset and perspective and the results will definitely show improvement.

Wherever you’re stuck on this journey, I can help you get over this obstacle and move on.

Goals and Manifesting

We need support and guidance not only when things are not going well for us and we want to fix problems, but we can also use help when we are inspired, setting goals and manifesting ourselves in the world.

Creation in reality is nothing more than a representation of ourselves depending on our individual temperament in our closer or broader environment. However, to achieve this point of wanting to express ourselves requires clarity of who we are, what values we have and how we want to contribute to the world. Of course, this does not mean at all that we need to know everything perfectly before starting anything, but simply that we need to have at least a solid foundation on which we can safely build.

Goal planning is an organised form of creation, where we consciously and step-by-step build the path leading to the result we want to achieve. However careful planning is not always enough to achieve the goal, it is important to make good use of the opportunities available to us, whether these are our own direct resources (time, money, energy) or the support of others (networking). Efficiency can also be greatly enhanced by ideal timing, i.e. doing the right things at the right time, so that we can take advantage of the opportunity to reach further by each step we take.

Of course, this is also something  that you don’t have to do on your own at all, so it’s worth asking someone who is a skilled goal planner and has methods such as Chinese metaphysics to help you get your timing right, which is what I do. I am sure there are other such methods in the world, but in the East there is also a thousands of years old tradition of choosing the right date and if you can translate it to the language of the modern age, you have a very useful tool. 

In this solution we personalise the right timing which, when combined with well-chosen individual goals and milestones, can produce much better results than the usual goal-tracking methods.

Harmony in Relationships

When it involves human relationships the first thing that comes to mind for most people is intimate partnerships, although our relationships with friends, our parents and in some cases even our business relations can be just as important. 

It is interesting to note that being in alignment with ourselves does not necessarily mean that we are able to communicate well or get along well in our multilayered human relationships. This is partly because being who we are and expressing ourselves in the external world are two different areas. In addition to this, when the environment enters the picture it is no longer simply a matter of things that are entirely dependent on us and if we think in terms of relationships, there is one or more independent human beings who bring unknown elements into our system. Depending on which area these connections appear in our lives, this can cause less or more turmoil and emotional disturbance. Of course, this is not black and white either so it is quite rare that there is complete chaos in all areas of our relationships, typically we find it easier to cope with some and harder with others.

However, we humans are fundamentally social beings and as such, we have a need to experience all our social relationships in harmony and if this fails in one or more areas we can easily turn to escape failure by resorting to one-sided solutions putting all our emphasis on the area of our lives where we consider ourselves to be (somewhat) successful. It is easy to see that a single-focus life certainly has its limitations and it does not lead to a balanced life in any sense.

Nevertheless, understanding what are the foundations of our communication, thus of our relationships when working in favour of us or against us could prove to be valuable information regardless of the area of life. Having some self-reflection of what our typical problems or opportunities are in these areas or at least having access to methods that can help us identify opportunities and obstacles could really help a lot. The systems I use reach back to ancient times in the East and as such provide these reference points, so no matter what area of our lives you have encountered challenges in, you can get guidance on how to establish harmonious connections. There is one thing though I would like to emphasize again, these methods do not work as a magic wand, solving our problems with one wave of hand. Yet, if you are willing to commit yourself to actively work towards them on an ongoing basis, the results will certainly not be forgotten. Therefore this is the solution for you if harmonising your relationships is your main priority at the moment.