Basically I would have never thought that I would ever have a podcast or be a part of one. To be fully honest until 2020 I had no idea what a podcast is and what is it good for 🙂 The irony is that ever since we have this podcast I started to listen to several others.

Ancient Seal podcast is our common, most treasured venture with my dear friend, Gergely Fügedi and its topic is spirituality and taoism. We have touched many topics during the several seasons we had since launching it, we were discussing more formal subjects such as Taoist cosmology (Dao, Yin-Yang, Three Treasures, Five Elements, Eight Guas, Sixty Four Hexagrams), but also we were sharing some personal experiences on what is it like to practice and follow an ancient spiritual path in modern times in the middle of Europe.

And the reason we started with taoist cosmology is because this is a process so alive, an ever happening, continuous re-creation of reality which if understood properly and thoroughly can help you change your personal reality.

If you are interested in these topics you can find us here, please note that it is in Hungarian only:

Our podcast has just celebrated its second birthday and I am proud to say that we have touched on many things in detail over the course of the podcast’s journey, from the Three Treasures, through the Five Elements, to the Taoist virtues 🙂 We have recently launched our 6th season which is all about communication, and of course this time again it’s not just about communication either, but we’re looking at it from the perspective of the Five Elements. You can find us here, please note that it is in Hungarian only:

Martial Arts

I have been practicing martial arts for more than 20 years now, and also I have been teaching for several years a small, almost family style of kung fu, which is not very well known or popular. It has incredibly complex movements, yet it is stunningly beautiful. To be honest I have tried several martial arts throughout my life for various reasons, still I can say with clear conscience that this style is one of the few which is – even though it is amazing to watch – it is more fun to do 🙂

Our Destiny Creators project was born at the end of 2020 mainly because 2020 was a rough year bringing a lot of challenges, experiences, self-reflection opportunities and even utterly intense situations to everyone. So the idea came that we want to help people by giving them a clear focus point on what might be important amongst all the things constantly happening, knowing that realizing what is exceedingly relevant can encourage you in alignment. To provide that forecasting highlights we are using Qi Men Dun Jia, and my companion and cofounder of Destiny Creators is a dear spiritual friend of mine Gábor Baraksó, although our cooperation is quite new, but our friendship has a long and rich history of more than 20 years.

The weekly newsletter is still available only in Hungarian for the moment, you can subscribe to this in the following link:

Fresh news that in March 2022 we have started our facebook page and podcast only available in Hungarian for the moment. You can check the out following the links below:

The Gate of the Wind

This is another thing I have never thought would occur to me, that I’ll find myself in a contemporary dance performance ever in my life 🙂 Still it has happened and this is The Gate of the Wind directed and choreographed by Gábor Goda, and performed by Artus company and us martial artists.

It would be a nearly impossible task to tell you what this show is all about, Gábor as a director always leaves the space for the spectators to decide and understand what they have seen. However as the title may uncover, it is built around the concept of wind which is displayed in a very unexpected yet mesmerizing imagery as the driving force of both man and universe.

30 day challenges

Since I deeply believe that our habits have a significant effect on who we are in our everyday lives, from time to time I launch 30 day challenges. Usually these have a very specific goal, but altogether the main purpose is to bring something new, yet crucial to our lives to be able to assist us in where we are or what we are headed towards at the moment. The last challenge I had was in March 2020 in the spirit of the Yang Metal Rat year to help the participants to align themselves to the quite intense and subversive energies of the new year. The challenges were spread on a very wide range depending on who needed what in that specific moment, but what all assignments had in common was that they were completely unique and tailored to each individual and also took not more than 5 to 10 minutes per day.

You can follow this page, because if I will launch another challenge I will publish it here as well, so you might participate provided that you decide so 🙂