Five Elements Way of Living consultation

What is Five Elements?

The Five Elements (which are only referred as Elements for simplicity, yet they are not static in nature at all, and are more close to vibrations) are a complex system that permeates all aspects of life, however from a cosmological point of view, the Five Elements are one level of creation itself, and as such they can be seen as means through how everything is expressed in the world: objects, living things, emotions, weather, … 

In fact, it makes more sense to think of the Five Elements as different qualities and states of one energy, so their interdependence is easy to understand, after all they cannot be understood as isolated, stand alone entities – but only in relation to each other. Its most obvious manifestation for us is represented in the diversity of the seasons, as Spring (Wood Element) is followed by Summer (Fire Element), then late summer more referred to as indian summer (Earth Element) before Autumn (Metal Element) arrives and finally Winter (Water Element). This cycle is the generating or nurturing cycle of the Elements, but of course there is a regulating relationship and also some other, more complex interactions between them. 

On individual level this translates to a birth-time based, personal chart that contains our most basic tendencies. How we live our lives, the environment in which we spend a significant part of our time, the people we are surrounded by and the activities we engage in will naturally have an effect on this, strengthening it or even changing it entirely. At the same time, the personal chart can provide us guidance in the typical areas and attitudes where the flow of energy can easily get stuck, in which case there is a good chance that we will experience the obstruction as a problem. Moreover it also shows us in a very practical way what our possibilities are for eliminating these blockages and how to handle successfully the most difficult areas of our lives.

How can it support you?

Since one of the most essential principle of the the Five Elements system is the flow, which means in a practical level that we are in harmony when our energy is moving effortlessly and without obstruction, Five Elements Way of Living can support us in being able to see how we are behaving at the moment, where our typical  blocking points are and helps us to develop and maintain awareness in our everyday life, depending of course on our goals. In practical terms, it consists of three simple steps: first, we need to know who we are, what our key talents and qualities are. Then it continues in establishing harmony with ourselves, aka how to be aligned with ourselves and be authentic, which means being happy and content at home alone, not affected by any environmental influences. The final step is harmony with the world for those of us who have goals and inclinations toward the more open space of the whole world. While I would not suggest that this should be the priority of the steps in all cases because it highly depends on one’s personal preferences, it is certain that if the basics are not true and stable, aka I do not know who I am, it may be difficult to achieve the other two levels that follow.