Bazi Destiny Analysis consultation

What is Bazi Destiny Analysis?

The Bazi Destiny Analysis is a thousands of years old experience based system mostly referred to as “Chinese astrology”. Its backbone is the Five Elements system, the interrelatedness, generating and regulating cycles of the Elements represented by the so-called birth chart determined by the individual’s (exact) moment of birth. It also takes into account the cyclical forces that act on our lives, obviously considering them depending on the effect they pose on the individual’s birth chart when overlapped. 

It is important to note, that although we are talking about destiny here, it is definitely not a predestination, since we are actively involved in shaping our own destiny through the choices we either consciously or instinctively make. Therefore we can rather acknowledge Bazi as a kind of blueprint or guideline to which, in the absence of a mindful lifestyle, our actions automatically will fall back to. 

As a starting point, the exact date of birth is used to create an individual chart which is based on the four pillars, as it is referred to by the name of the system: year, month, day and hour. Each pillar basically consists of two parts, there is a pure, so-called Heaven quality, which is one of the Five Elements (taking into account its Yin or Yang side, so for example Yin Fire). And then there is an Earth quality, which usually carries the complex effect of several elements, for easier understanding these are labelled with animals (for example last year was the year of the Pig , which carries Yang Wood and Yang Water). 

Then by analysing the interactions of the elements and animals individual characteristics, talents and potentials can be identified, as well as expected difficulties, problematic areas or areas of life that require awareness and attention. This can be further elaborated by the energies of different seasons, for example, each year carries a different energy, which again, when overlapped with the personal chart can help to identify priorities and themes for that specific season.

How can it support you?

Similar to the Five Elements Way of Living, Bazi Destiny Analysis supports us to have a better understanding of ourselves, to map our behaviour, and gain invaluable insight both into our relationship with ourselves and the world. These can be explored in general, understanding our core drivers and motivations, discovering our treasures and gaining awareness of areas for improvement. Or we can highlight a specific issue (relationship, work, life goals, etc.), where we can investigate our key attitudes and tendencies, or we can delve into our patterns and difficulties or possibilities and potentials related to a particular situation.