About Me

My story, like everyone else’s, started a long-long time ago, and for me the journey began with martial arts more than 20 years ago. Martial arts, as it was taught in our little country at that time, was first and foremost about training the body, so very soon I started looking for something more, something beyond exercising the body. That’s how I came across Diamond Way Buddhism raising awareness for a better self understanding and creating the need for self-improvement, not only considering the body. A little while later, with the help of a dear friend of mine, I found András Havasi and Taoism, where this path of self-knowledge turned into real depths, and I am following this direction ever since. I am deeply grateful to András for his knowledge, his immense compassion and his constant guidance, I have already learnt and still continue to learn a lot from him in countless areas. 

As I progressed in my studies, over time the desire to transfer and share it was naturally awakened, so I started teaching kung fu, mainly inspired by the amazing feeling of doing it, which was really so wonderful that I had to show others. However, martial arts is really just a tool, because I believe that in fact I am not actually teaching kung fu, but rather people 🙂 

There are some of us who were born to be fighters, we must first learn to understand, accept and master this power. For me, kung fu has been incredibly helpful in this because it has taught me determination, discipline, how to focus my attention and effort, it has shown me how to fight and what I can achieve if I really put my mind to it. 

We as warriors have more difficulty in mastering the other side, which is about how to let go, how to be present and connected to everything in every moment, and how to get in sync with the Universe. And usually the first question that immediately arises in the context of letting go in a warrior is how do I DO letting go, because the trap is that you cannot actually do it 🙂 but you just allow it and  let it go. The situation is the same with presence and connection, they do not require our usual warrior activity. We can recognise these two as Yin and Yang, they are not superior or inferior to each other, they are absolutely interdependent, we cannot say one is better and the other is worse, because they are two completely different qualities and in fact we need both. This is why I started to work on the “other side” in parallel with my martial arts studies, looking for ways to unfold, expand and live it as fully as possible. 

I first met Irini Rockwell in 2012, she is a renowned American teacher and direct student of Buddhist master Chögyam Trungpa.. I studied with Irini  the Five Wisdoms system for several years, both in person and online. Five Wisdoms is based on traditional Buddhist teachings but is explicitly designed to bring them to everyday people, regardless of religion. Irini and this system have been incredibly helpful in understanding my own emotional blueprint and to begin aligning with my emotions in a healthy way. I am also extremely grateful to Irini for showing and authentically representing how to take a feminine approach to spirituality and how to be true to myself without having to be perfect.

The Five Elements have been experientially present in my studies since I have been practicing martial arts and in 2016 it was the Five Elements Way of Living  program that helped me transfer this ancient knowledge into everyday use. What I really like about this system is its immense practicality being boundlessly multidimensional at the same time, which I admit can be very confusing in the beginning. It has really made a difference for me in understanding how I work on different levels, moreover how and what to change if I aim for a different outcome.

This consequently led me to immerse myself with Bazi Destiny Analysis, which is also based on the Five Elements, yet is a complex, standalone system. I have continued my studies along several lines, but I would like to highlight Simon Hornyánzsky, whose knowledge is immeasurably wide-ranging and amazingly thorough, and over the years of our collaboration I have only been able to ask him only a few number of questions for which he could not immediately give me a detailed and most satisfying answer 🙂 

Shortly after that I discovered Qi Men Dun Jia, again an ancient Chinese system (I seem to be drawn to them 🙂 ). This happened at a time when I was profoundly interested in the amazing potential of human beings and was looking for additional ways to uncover and unleash it. I believe I was ‘just’ in the right place at the right time, but ultimately I was tremendously impressed with this thousands of years old system being able to provide meaningful support for modern people in our self inquiry and serve as guidance in making our critical everyday decisions.

Meanwhile, somewhere in 2018, I also came across ThetaHealing, first as someone desperately looking for solutions, although I quickly realised that it is an excellent and remarkably effective method that I would like to include as a great addition to my existing toolkit. 

All the methods I use in consultations are also an integral part of my personal journey, my way of living, for me they are all living and authentic systems in which I am constantly training myself to deepen and expand my knowledge. I think that’s another aspect I really love about Chinese systems, that they are fractal based, there is always a different perspective and a deeper level to explore, and as you learn and understand more and more, you slowly realise the infinite knowledge and wisdom that lies within them. And the beauty of all is that you never reach a point where you can state “there’s nothing more to learn, I’ve learned it, I’m done”, so studying these systems teaches you a radical, but essential humility.