ThetaHealing consultation

What is ThetaHealing?

The technique of ThetaHealing derives from Vianna Stibal originating from the 1990s, but has gained outstanding popularity lately and it is practiced worldwide. Primarily it is considered to be a meditation and spiritual philosophy, however the method is based on mapping and understanding how we create and reinforce our everyday reality deeply grounded in our beliefs. Moreover it can help to align the creation process with our goals and desired states.

How can it support you?

Each of us has a set of emotional imprints which essentially defines who we believe we are, what we can experience or manifest in this reality. The majority of these belief systems might have been imprinted on us by very simple events, though they still pose a significant, restrictive effect on our everyday lives. However we rarely notice that we are functioning this way, because most of what we currently believe about ourselves has such a long history that we consider them as unforfeitable part of us now. ThetaHealing is a very efficient method in finding these imprinted beliefs and successfully changing them with an immediate effect.